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Tuesday, 2 March 2010

MALAYSIA Giveaway Tips: 5 Rules of Organizing a Blog Contest

Salam and Good Day

Last Sunday, I attended Bloggers Family Day at Lake Garden, and it was fun to meet and to know other new cyber friends despite the hot and sunny wheather.. Oh, speaking about Family Day, I just won myself RM1,000 from Nuffnang for Friso Family Day Out Post Event winner.. cool kan.. and yes, blogging can becomes very candy if you learn how to tackle your readers.

One of the proven way to increase your blog readers is to run a contest. I mean seriously, trust me those who had experienced organizing a contest, you may agree with me. Why? It is simply because you can either gain new readers or your current readers will be more loyal to you.

But not all contests are successful, even though you have MALAYSIA Giveaway as your platform :p, but things does not run what you have expected. Being a Contest seeker, I could see some of the contests are only able to attact less than 10 participants. For the participant, of course you are glad since you have less competitors kan.. Perhaps I could share with you what are the elements to ensure that your contests stands out from others. Again, this is purely on my observation, you may feel free to add or to object my statement.

The more instruction you give, the more difficult to understand. Be as simple as possible.

Just compare with "Be my follower, and list my blog to your blog list" with "Be my follower, list my blog to your blog list, tweet about my Giveaway at your Tweeter, Spread about my contest at your Facebook, and Email 5 of your friends to share about this contest".

I agree it is still easy to understand the instructions. The first step allows the participants to spend approximately 3 minutes to do while the second step will take triple the time spend.  Please do understand that some of your potential participants would like to keep their Tweeter or Facebook as the way it is. and yes, the lengthy your instruction is, the lazy they become.


It is critical to determine what your prize is. The more attractive prizes you offer, the more buzz your contest gains the popularity. A contest seeker like me, honestly prize does not matter, but unfortunately not everyone is a contest seeker. Another simple rule, if you organize a contest from your blogshop, the prizes should be from your blogshop as it is another way to promote your business.


Speaking of myself, I admit my First MALAYSIA Giveaway contest was at first a bit confused, I was not properly specified what I wanted. So, PLAN your rules, think what you want. Honestly it is not fair for an organizer to amend the rules after it has been posted. Example, you ask the participants to add another banner after few participants have joined the contest. The early bird participants may have accidentally missed the later rules and end up they are disqualified from the contest.


Do set the date on your contest duration. Of course, it should not be that long as the potential participants may get tired to wait and at the same time you do not want your contest to be too short. Please allow your contest to spread out and at the same time please allow your sponsor to earn some money :)


How you want your participant to inform about their participation? Leave a comment on your blog page or send you an email. My preferred method is to leave a comment at your blog page as it easier to determine that I have submitted the contest entry. BUT speaking about Comment, it would be much appreciated if the contest organizer disabled the comment moderation during the duration of the contest.

Hope it helps, feel free to add or comment ya..



8 comments on "MALAYSIA Giveaway Tips: 5 Rules of Organizing a Blog Contest"

Anonymous said...


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sutrahomespa on 25 January 2011 at 10:11 said...

Salam kak mira saya dh e-mail nk wat add kt sini ada blog giveaway kat blog saya 24 jan-14 feb hope akak reply cepat...

sutrahomespa on 25 January 2011 at 10:11 said...

Salam kak mira saya dh e-mail nk wat add kt sini ada blog giveaway kat blog saya 24 jan-14 feb hope akak reply cepat...

teratai on 4 February 2011 at 19:39 said...


terima kasih kerana memberi info yg b'guna utk mengada GA/contest

Jocelyn @ eyeARTyou on 15 May 2011 at 07:42 said...

Hi there,

It's useful tips you are giving. I realized that there are many Malaysian bloggers that have one other blog aside from their main one just to dedicate to their giveaways fetish ;) I am amazed how diligent they are in hunting for giveaways/contests.

Currently, I am having my giveaway (running until 31.05.2011) and managed to attract many Malaysians to join. From there I noticed some common mistakes participants have when they join my giveaway :

1) Photo link at side bar (as requested)
i)Not displayed in plain view but cramping all their giveaway photos in a small window scroll bar or slideshow. When the giveaway organizer comes to check, the photo may not be seen.
ii)Blogged about it in replacement of request for side bar photo link. The particular blog post would not always stay on top of the main page but side bar links will always be the current or seen no matter which page the visitors are viewing.

2) They are not used to 'Mr Linky' or 'Linky Tool' feature that international bloggers use to consolidate all participant names & their blog links. All one needs to do is to click on the button at the bottom of the post and enter their details.

Sorry for the lengthy comment. I hope you don't mind my 2 cents worth.

P/S : I think your blog is indeed a good place to educate people on how to or organize and participate contests/giveaways. Good job. Keep it up!


Patrick on 17 October 2011 at 17:15 said...


I am trying to organize a contest and the first thing that comes to mind is "Do I need any permit or license from any goverment agency or authority?"

I hope to get some advise on this. Thanks.


Anonymous said...


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Anonymous said...

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