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Sunday, 27 June 2010

[[scroll down for new entry]] New column in MALAYSIA Giveaway - The Greatest Contest Enthusiast - Knows the author :)

Beginning of this month, MALAYSIA Giveaway will be introducing new column - The Great Contest Enthusiast - to acknowledge those contest seekers who have spent their time and effort to participate in Malaysian blog contests. Those of you who are familiar with blogging contest, might have known some familiar faces in blogging contest world. Regardless what prizes offered, these group of energetic people are there to support the organizer.

However, as a start, let me introduce myself.. (takpe kan)

Who am I?
I have a long name, but usually people will call me Mira and in the blogging world, I always introduce myself as Ibu Emir... (alamak, kalau dah ade sorang anak, pangkat ni dah nak kene tukar). A working mum in one of the Big Four Audit Firm Company specializing in Tax. Like many of working woman out there, resigning is not an option as I have my own portion to meet my ends meet. But insyaAllah, I am looking forward to be Stay at Home Mom or Working at Home Mom one fine day when the time permits.

How do I start blogging?
I started blogging in a way back 2003, however a year after, my blog has been hacked by dont-know-who. I stopped blogging for a few months, until I could not deny that I love to share my thoughts and merapu-rapan to the whole world. So in the beginning of the year 2004, I started blogging until now. Haha, but unfortunately, I only knows about Nuffnang, a year back (if only la kan, even the Redmummy also started blogging in 2006). Anyway, my personal blog is

So, when do you start to love contest?
Since I was young, really really young, during my primary school days, I already submitted few entries by using my parents name hahah. I still remember, I participated in Breeze's contest  (I think when I was in Standard 3) and I created this slogan something like this "Breeze adalah sangat baik kerana menggunakan bahan kimia yang sangat bagus" haha which I think kesian nya mak bapak I, name derang jugak busuk ;p

How about blog contest?
I participated in online contest quite some time ago, but for blogging contest, honestly I just knew about it in early 2009.

What is the different between blog contest and online contest?
Merely the same. It is just that for blogging contest you know the organizer better, who they are and how they looks like. Usually online contest will offer you greatest prize while blog contest is for fun and giving you freebies.

Have you won? How many?
Definitely, errr countless.. Hehe..

So, what is the biggest winning so far?
Of course the free paid trip to watch American Idol finale at Los Angeles recently. Anyway, I am waiting for another official result by MAS, will inform you if I win.. haha

Can you tell me about MALAYSIA Giveaway
MALAYSIA Giveaway started in December 2009. I was inspired to set this blog as I need a web based diary to record any contests especially on the due dates. The reason being was, I love to have a last minute participation. Seriously, at first it is more for my own records, however, as I have gained surprised free money from Nuffnang, I decided to seriously blog about this and again I was surprised with the response.

This banner is created by Wansteddy (babe, I owe you your CK2uMan, ish ish ish) as she is the grand prize winner for MALAYSIA Giveaway First Giveaway.

Any future improvements about this blog?
Yes, sure. I would love to make this blog more interactive and living. However, due to the time constraint, I do not have time to learn and debugging the HTML. Initially, I really wish I could distribute my admin matters to some of the trusted bloggers (maybe Suzie, maybe Cicakgirls :p), but since my ID links with my personal blog, nampak nyer semua kene buat sendiri lah. Any ideas for improvement, please email me at

When do you want to move to .com?
Oh, I did, I bought the domain on the same day, I set up this blog. cubalah

How you treasure MALAYSIA Giveaway?
After my personal blog, I memang sayang MALAYSIA Giveaway. Seriously SAYANG. When I lost my laptop, the first thing I tried to secure is my blog, then my bank's account. Hehe.. ape daa :p

How do you see blogging contest so far?
Expending since that is another way to increase your blog traffic and some bloggers are generous to spend more on prizes. So join them lah, hadiah kecik pun tak pe, cos its fun.. :)

Do you know that there are few blogs which are similar to MALAYSIA Giveaway?
YES!!, Actually I don't mind if they have the ideas to list the contests, I mean similar concept as MALAYSIA Giveaway, at least we can share the contest, tak payah la susah-susah nak scouting around. but there is one blog that really disappoint me. Her blog name nearly similar to mine. I don't know, sometimes you have to show some respect lah kan especially you are in the same circle, mothers, bloggers, and there are thousands name out there, be creative lah. Honestly, I really work hard to brand MALAYSIA Giveaway, tidur sampai pukul 2 3 pagi sometimes sebab nak update.. so when someone simply try to gain something from it, terasa jugak lah kan. I am not too sure what is her intention to that.. But anyway, the decision is yours. Good luck.

Do you have any tips on how to win?
For blogging contest, you have to know who is your competitors, put an eye on them, see how their writings and how they put their thoughts. Compare it with other contestants, be creative in your own way and makes yourself outstanding to the organizer by showing them that you have put your commitment and efforts. It works on me :)

Sekian ...

7 comments on "[[scroll down for new entry]] New column in MALAYSIA Giveaway - The Greatest Contest Enthusiast - Knows the author :)"

mama zharfan on 21 June 2010 at 16:10 said...

nice entry for this new column!! and is that my name that u mentioned here in this entry?? ;)

Wansteddy Tales on 21 June 2010 at 17:05 said...

trimas mira ><
ikut terpromote my blog hehe

next time saya kan email mira badge biru tu. yg dalam entry ni nampak pecah myb sizenyer kecik.
xpuas mata memandang. nanti nak kena cari designnya dulu hehe

MALAYSIA Giveaway said...

Suzie: ya ya its you, i dah link dah blog you haha

Wansteddy: hehee itu je i ade. tapi ok per

mama zharfan on 21 June 2010 at 20:23 said...

o dear mira..u know kan i tgh buat phd and is due to submit my 1s draft this sept(in 3 months time and i have 2 more chapters to write!!!) u mention her name..she would be a better choice, and i guess ramai blogger+comper tegar that will suit with the post :p :p i jd penyokong ur blog ajer...tu mesti punyerlah !!
anyway, tq sbb link my blog ;) ;)

MALAYSIA Giveaway said...

u r doing ur phd but so dedicated with blogging contests haha, anyway I sebut je, I don't have any plan to distribute my administrator to others nanti takut leceh, see how laaa

Josh on 28 June 2010 at 13:16 said...

Hi, hope its OK to contact you here. would love to include your blog on our giveaway blog network: Giveaway Scout ( Have a look and if interested drop us a line on our contact form ( thanks, Josh

Em's Family on 29 June 2010 at 01:36 said...

Hi Josh,

already message you

Care to share??




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