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Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Special Announcement: PLEASE TAKE NOTE

Assalammualaikum and good day to every one in MALAYSIA Giveaway especially to all my 577 FOLLOWERS..  I am fine, good, safe and sound and alhamdulillah.

Readers, please accept my apology especially when I decided not to grant any admin access to anyone even though I know by delegating this process, it will make my life more happier, less burden and of course, MALAYSIA Giveaway will always stay lively.

Anyhow, I decided to continue this blog as strong as I can. I appreciate the fact that many of you had dropped me an email to offer me some help, but after thinking twice and after received some advise from my fellow bloggers, it sparks some thought in me especially on security and privacy issues.

Readers, insyaAllah this coming July, I am trying to do slight improvement to this blog, first of all, I would like to attract Google Adsense to accept my "advertising application". Google had twice rejected my application due to the fact that they could not recognize Bahasa. I know Bahasa Jiwa Bangsa but at the same time I would like to utilise applicable advertisements. Ya lah, i want advertisements act like "my employer" and paying my "salary" after me putting the effort promoting othercontests :).

I know i know, my grammar is bad as well :D, but starting this July, please take note that everything will be in English, therefore all contents will be in English.

What I am going to do...

1. I may create a form where you could submit your contest details. As for now, many of you would leave your contest link at my Shoutbox area.
2. Priority will be given first to those contest submitted via the form. 
3. I would much appreciate it if you could straight away translate your contest in English. 

Secondly, I have this one special project. Being a contest seeker, I bet you guys may have received few prizes that may not suit your need. I know it doesnt mean that we did not appreciate but maybe due to some reasons you may not use it. So, I am thinking to create one section for FOR SALE, provided that the "SELLER" must privately provide me the information how he/she won the prize.. Ok tak ok tak? Let me know ok... 

Third, I am thinking for a new look for MALAYSIA Giveaway, but as for now, still-lah couldn't find any template that I like.. 

Ok ok, let us just focus on First and second part.. Oh ya, advertisement fees will remain the same except that there will be some increased for those Companies who wished to publish their contest here. Reason being, I want to maintain MALAYSIA Giveaway as a medium for bloggers to publish their contests..

Any ideas? Let me know ya..



4 comments on "Special Announcement: PLEASE TAKE NOTE"

me_czar on 16 June 2011 at 09:02 said...


Tahniah kerana masih bertahan. Ada ramai penyokong di belakang MALAYSIA Give away ni.

Terpanggil untuk memberikan pendapat tentang hadiah yang tak sesuai tu..

Rasanya, macam tak elok pula kita nak jual hadiah yang orang beri pada kita.

Pada saya, lebih baik kita berikan pada orang lain daripada kita ambil keuntungan pada barang tu.

Sekadar pendapat peribadi... :)

Em's Family on 16 June 2011 at 10:53 said...

terima kasih kerana sudi beri komen.. okeh will take note... betul juga..

BABY(MAMA AMANA&ARIEF) on 18 June 2011 at 16:35 said...

amira..gud luck..i pun rasa lebih baik jangan beri pada org lain position tue kecuali u betul2 kenal org tue..

lagi satu boleh tak letak syarat hadiah yg nak diberi tue dinyatakan ..jangan le letak "hadiah misteri" then bila dapat "ala-ala" je bila org dah mati2 join.mcm MZ selalu dapat tue..

Em's Family on 24 June 2011 at 10:48 said...

okeh.. terima kasih yer.. awak, i pun agree lepas ni dah tak boleh dah letak hadiah misteri, definitely will do.. ade kawan i dia menang contest, dapat hadiah misteri, but guess what is the hadiah misteri (penghantaran percume!!)

thanks yer.. good idea

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